Atom-Mic Power Co., Ltd. was established since 1999. We are the importer and distributor of Industrial grade devices include designing, developing service of electrical power system allowing by IEC, VDE, UL, ATEX, CE international stadard from Europe and Asia brand of EATON, CONNECTWELL, SELEC, AMP GERMANY, KATKO, RISHABH, HICOOL, REXROTH, RELEQUICK, WEITKOWITZ, GRUPPO, HAKEL TRADE, GIOVENZANA, SENECA, DITEL and etc. Atom-Mic Power Co., Ltd. is offer the high quality product and environment (important in RoHS standard) meet the needs to our customers for maximum efficiency. We have sales engineer team who have expert engineer knowledge to advice our customer before and after sale. Our customers extremely ensure to our sales team cause our team was continuously trained and learned at domestic and abroad from training center of our product brand. We have more our domestic dealers consist of northern, southern, eastern, north-eastern and western to meet the needs service to ous customers. In the conception of HIGH QUALITY, REENGINEERING, NON MAINTAINANCE, EASY TO USE.