Atom-Mic Power Co., Ltdis a distributor and importer of electrical equipment for industry.Apart from importing and distributing our range of works also included designing, installation, updating or upgrading electrical systems. All of our products have got all necessary certificate and international standard such as IEC, VDE, UL, ATEX, CE of Europe. We are distributor of the following brands in Asia region : EATON , CONNECTWELL , KATKO , SELEC , GIOVENZANA , ELCO , ALAN , WEITKOWITZ , GRUPPO ENERGIA, RISHABH , REXROTH , HAKEL ,  , SENECA ,  PLASTIM , COMELECTRIC , FRER , GIC , COMMAC CAL , FLOWLINE , IMO , UNEX , TECHNOELECTRIC , FAMATEL and ALFA ELECTRIC. In Thailand, we are a sole distributor of various brands and suppliers that we mentioned above. Our company also got a trusting and healthy relationship with the suppliers , so we can reassure you of the quality , professional management and services to you. Our company also has our own distributors in Thailand regions such as : North, South, East, Northeast, so that we can answer every needs and requirements of every industry in Thailand. We focus on offering products and solutions that will meet our customers requirement with maximum efficiency. Our engineering team can offer knowledges and provided solutions to answer every need of our customers both before and after sale. And also in order to increase our engineering team skills and proficiency, we have a training program for engineering division both local and abroad. The product that distributed by us , not only that it come with high quality , it is also environmentally friendly as well. All of our products possess the RoHS Certificate ( Restriction of Hazardous Substances ) and also CE trademarks which is essential for every products that selling in EU region. Our company operated under our own corporate philosophy which is “ HIGH QUALITY , INNOVATION , EASY FOR YOU ”