Lightning & Surge

HAKEL Ltd. belongs since its establishment in 1994 to major producers of surge protection devices in Europe. The company obtained ISO 9001 certificate in 1997.

The usage of surge protection devices is becoming common necessity nowadays. Large power systems, which are operated by complicated electronics are more and more sensitive to electromagnetic smog. Failure of these electronic equipment owing to surges can cause reduction of orders or even company’s bankrupcy. Surge protection devices produced by HAKEL company can be applied in every industry, households, offices, hospitals and also in army buildings.

HAKEL’s products are exported world wide. The surge protection product range offered by HAKEL company enables customers to apply the products easily in every industry, offices or households. HAKEL’s products are used in the whole industrial world, offices and institutes of any kind so they can safely protect all kinds of communication, data and coaxial systems against surge. Following the continual electronic development helps HAKEL to achieve higher standards and better technical parameters. That is one of the reasons why HAKEL stands among the world market leaders. Products are tested according to standard EN 61 643-11.

Introduction of new technologies and using the latest testing equipment enable engineers to extend their technical knowledge.

HAKEL company also passes its experience on to college students and helps them to acquaint with new solu-tions in electromagnetic compatibility. Experience obtained from working with power electronics in industry are closely related to the company’s first place in the Czech Republic.