KATKO is a Finnish switch manufacturer with more than 60 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and marketing of load break switches, isolators and switch fuses. KATKO was established in 1938, it is a family owned company with an international sales more than 60% over 40 countries around the world.


When Mr. Kauko Hyryläinen founded Katko in 1938 one of his key targets was innovation in development of new products and production methods. The idea was that we should give our customers the best possible solutions to match their needs.

Already at that time the company goal was to produce high quality products using the latest technical knowledge and this goal continues to the present day. Katko ensure the quality of their products by using independent, approved test houses to make sure that the products comply with current world wide standards.

Since then our business has changed and increased a lot, from a domestic player to a company who supplies most of the market areas around the world. Today we have two production factories the main one in Finland and an second one in Poland. Also our network around the world has increased and today we have partners in over forty countries in six continents and more than 60% of our production is exported.