Alfa Electric

ALFA ELECTRIC is a division of Alfa Plastic, specialized in manufacturing accessories for electric enclosures, in particular Thermal Management Products.
Since the early '90s, ALFA ELECTRIC has been gaining recognition and developing and introducing new products. Currently, the range of products allows the full coverage of customer needs.
Careful attention to customer needs, highly qualified technical staff and a vertical, flexible organization have allowed the company to become partner of important manufacturing and commercial firms.
Advanced manufacturing equipment and careful quality controls during development and manufacturing allow to offer cost-effective and high quality products.
ALFA ELECTRIC policy is to offer a full support to Clients:
- pre-after sales assistance
- customized products
- fast delivery
- monitoring of customers' satisfaction

Rather than a supplier, ALFA ELECTRIC aims to be a Client's industrial PARTNER!

COMPANY HISTORY 1973 - Alfa Plastic starts as a thermoplastic processing industry, specialised in injection-moulding. During this thirty-year period, Alfa Plastic develops an extensive know-how in design and manufacturing of plastic injection-moulded parts. The focus is on customised parts for the automotive and electric industry.

1993 - ALFA ELECTRIC is established as a division of Alfa Plastic specialised in manufacturing accessories for electric enclosures.

2000 - The intense development of ALFA ELECTRIC leads to the expansion of the production facilities. A new manufacturing plant is acquired and exclusively devoted to the assembly of electrical products.
Since then, new products have been deployed and international and domestic sales expanded.